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When it comes to your mental health, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Trauma, stress and anxiety look different for everyone, and in order to treat them, you need a personalized approach. The professionals at Anxiety Relief Center provide a variety of mental health & wellness services to help you find relief from anxiety and depression.

Our licensed therapist practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and can help you identify and work through any trauma that might be holding you back. We also offer hypnotherapy and reflexology therapy services. Call 716-446-9226 today to schedule an appointment with a local hypnotherapist. We serve clients from East Amherst, NY and surrounding areas.

Our Mission Statement

Our bodies CAN heal themselves, but at times we all need assistance in that healing process.
Our mission is to help teach and administer ways to relieve suffering and restore natural wellbeing of mind, body and emotions.
Your health is more than just your body. It is a collection of you...all of you. In holistic health, we address the whole person... mind, body,and spirit. Working on all three will help to achieve wellness like no other. Invigorating, conscious and exciting... the kind of wellness we had as kids.
We want to help our community become more reliant on their own body's abilities to heal by collaborating with a number of wellness practitioners who can address the breakdown of our Essential Self. Through education, body care, good nutrition, exercise, herbal medicines, energy medicine, and the practice of stress management techniques, we can achieve a positive mental state and overall client wellness now and in the future.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ Lao Tzu.

Make Your Wellness Your Top Priority

Rely on us for mental health & wellness services in East Amherst, NY