About Us

After years of working with marital clients who lost their marriage, job, or tempers to unrecognized or undiagnosed anxiety, I wanted to give people an opportunity to face their anxiety with dignity without losing their families and without pharmaceuticals.

ANXIETY RELIEF CENTER for WELLNESS (ARCW) was born just before the pandemic and is needed more than ever. It has been a dream of mine, based upon personal experiences and my Sicilian background of herbal medicine, to teach others to care for themselves using holistic positive psychology methods and medicines from the earth. The intent is to treat people with this number one mental, emotional, and debilitating illness that can insidiously ruin lives. Prescription medications can often complicate an illness and create more problems.

ARCW has grown out of our own therapists' journeys for health, so we know what you are going through. Many of our therapists have had PTSD, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, or heavy amounts of grief.

But regardless of our backgrounds, we have all chosen to come back to our path of wellness.

We are hopeful that the center will allow people to learn to live with their emotional and physical responses to stress and anxiousness without the fear and judgement of having a chronic mental illness. We will offer as many health modalities as possible that have been proven effective for anxiousness, stress, depression, and restless minds. From generalized anxiety to PTSD, the Center will include, CBT, DBT and Hypnotherapy, Energy healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Meditation, Consciousness Training, herbal medicine making, education and supplements. We can be reached at 716-446-9226.