Breathwork therapy

A natural healing method that uses high vibrational energy activated by the breath to reduce stored emotions and past trauma that may contribute to disease. This type of therapy allows the patient to utilize breathing is a way to heal and restore the body mind and spirit at a very deep level.

Enneagram Work

The Enneagram is an ancient tool used to help us understand our perceptions of the world as it applies to us and how to unstick us from our own beliefs about ourselves so we can enjoy life in a more authentic way! It offers a process to deepen our insights, helping us to understand our reactions to people and events and allows us to get unstuck from limiting emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns. It can be used to develop greater compassion for self and others, increase self-acceptance and communication skills; and uncover our true nature.

Energy Psychology

Combines cognitive interventions with interventions to rebalance components of the human vibrational matrix (meridians, chakras and biofield) to assist with mental spiritual, emotional and psycho-energetic issues. It rebalances the subtle energy systems or the energy field so that traumatic events can be recalled without the energetic disturbance, thus alleviating stress responses associated with disturbing thoughts and memories.

Guided imagery

Widely used to change a patient's overall health by actively creating images of well-being it can help the patient reduce the effects of certain medical and emotional conditions.


A treatment that involves bringing the patient into a more relaxed state or trance. A trance is something that is naturally occurring so once this state is achieved a clinician can provide a system of suggestions for relief of symptoms. A very light state of hypnosis is for the purpose of reworking or re-framing unhealthy behaviors to allow for deep healing.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

A therapeutic approach to treating conditions and their associated symptoms using specifically tailored diets devised and monitored by a Registered Dietitian.


About learning to take the time to practice being rather than doing. To learn to breathe and use relaxation techniques.

Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction

First developed by Jon Kabat-Zin over 30 years ago. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an eight-week program which proves to be an excellent intervention for depression, anxiety, and many other negative and fear-based issues. It is also highly recommended for a host of physical alignments and used extensively on medical


A Japanese technique of promoting our natural ability to restore balance to our body and heal ourselves. It has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, ease chronic pain and more.


A gentle, holistic, complementary therapy that involves treatment by applying pressure to the reflex areas in the feet and/or hands to induce relaxation, encourage cleansing/detoxing, restore, and maintain to the body's self-healing ability.

Sound therapy

A valuable tool for releasing stress and anxiety and preparing the mind for mediation. Sound waves are measured in "hertz", just like brainwaves, and can relax the mind and nervous system and guide the listener into more meditative brainwave states


An ancient system that improves our mind/body connection. It is not only used as physical exercise but to connect to the healing properties that come with yoga practice such as mental and emotional stability, improved focus and balance, and less judgement and greater acceptance of our body/self.